Ways Of Geting Free Subscribers

It is an essential task to build a good subscriber list. This way your role as an email marketer becomes a few times easier. Your email list must contain the contact details of the people whom you wish to send your emails regularly. This list can also prove to be an evidence of your product demand, and you can proudly publish it on your website stating your high number of subscribers. A carefully crafted email list can help a lot to make the task of email marketing easier, and there are a few basic guidelines which if followed, can lead to a very massively successful marketing campaign. Here are the guidelines which every email marketing experts follow directly or indirectly:

Your campaign’s success depends directly on how well you are clear about your plan and path in your mind. Having a good strategy and well-planned resources helps build the initial momentum well, this is a prime necessity for any marketing gig. You need to reflect your company’s profile well with all the details of your campaign.

Try to comfort and appeal to all of your readers personally. Having personalized email makes it more attractive, and the readers are more lured to be read what’s inside the mail rather than just throwing it away with a feel of spam advertisements.


Keep your subject lines to the point, appealing, exciting and attractive. This doesn’t mean you have to make false claims. Just make it a bit spicier to spark the excitement. This will enable you to get the attention of your subscriber more in detail.


Having a convincing touch in your marketing is very important. Even after reading your email, there is no guarantee that the readers will click on the link and review the product. So it is essential that you provide quality content in the form of personal opinions, ratings, internet buzz et al. To your readers so that they are compelled to find out what’s so trendy about the product that everybody has their attention on it. This is the principle of viral marketing.


Online community forums are a great place to market your products as the target audience is active on these pages and the chances of your CTR going up to increase massively due to regularly updated online lists of people who interact on the forums. You can get more subscribers here or directly market your products with your forum post signature boxes.

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Everyone who owns a home-based business wants traffic to their sites. The more traffic, the more sales. However, are your websites and sales pages doing enough to convert each lead or potential customer to a subscriber?

Owning a one-page sales letter business model or content based website is not good enough. You should make sure to optimize and turn every web page possible into a subscriber snatching device for you. Not only is this method extra active, but it is also just as extra effortless when it comes to applying this concept.

Since visitors can come and go without even remembering your website in the future (which is very likely to happen), you need to grab their attention with the content you provide, the product or service you are offering, but even better, putting an opt-in form right on your site or sales page. This way when that lead or potential customer is visiting your site, if they like what they see, they will enter their information to stay in touch. You can then follow up with your visitors quickly with new products or services that they may be interested in. It will also keep your website in front of the guest from time to time. After it is set up, it then runs on autopilot.

That is my favorite way of converting leads to subscribers, however there are other ways, such as creating a pop-up window to appear after your visitor attempts to close the window or leaves your website, asking for your visitor’s name and email address so that you can follow up with him or her in the near future via subscribing to your mailing list for free. This is not as effective however because most internet users set their browser controls to block pop-ups. An alternative to pop-up forms is floating forms that appear in front of your website or sales page inviting information.

Whatever the method, you want to convert a significant portion of leads and potential customers into subscribers. This gives you the chance to follow up with them on other products, information, or services that you may have in the future. Turning your sales letter pages or website into subscriber pulling devices with as little effort as installing some code on your site, can have tremendous results.

Subscribers are the bread and butter when it comes to Youtube.

They are the lifeblood of your business and how you communicate with them is important.

But how do you get free youtube subscribe to your list without feeling like you are hassling them?

People enjoy value and will be ready to provide you with their personal information if they feel like they are getting something in return for it.

If it’s a blog, squeeze page, forum, social media, or your very own site these methods work.

Free offers have been, and probably forever will be, a sure way to get free youtube subscribers to your list.

After that, it’s your duty to provide them with massive value and give them the necessary solutions to their problems.

Many things can be offered for free, but today the focus will be on a free report, software download, and video series.


Recommended “Freebies” to Offer Subscribers:

1) Free Report

A free report does not have to be too extensive but should have detailed information about their wants and needs.

Most reports range in between 10-30 pages.

Once your report is done, all you have to do is drive traffic to your website and make sure you have multiple ways to show them your offer.

For example, pop-up boxes, header tabs, or widget tabs with your offer for a free download.

Images also work well to help increase subscribers downloading your report.

The importance of your report is to assist build your credibility and put you in position as an authority figure.

Make sure the information is precise and to the point.


2) Software Download

Not all people are interested in reading a free report.

A software download could include an MP3 for listening to the news or it could include software to improve their business.

Also, if you are providing them with an MP3 download, it gives them the opportunity to listen on the go.

Images are also useful here because they give the feel of a complete product that they are getting for free.

The objective is to get the subscriber to opt-in to your list so making them feel like they are getting something for nothing is important.


3) Video Series

Videos can be broken down into a 3-5 part series giving the subscriber a little bit of information in each one that leads up to the next.

This is an excellent way to build up a relationship, show them who you are, and stretch out the information over a reasonable period with sending a video daily or every other day.

These three methods can be offered on your blog, capture pages, forums, or website to get more subscribers. Anywhere that people are looking for what you have to offer.